How Do You Create a Schedule in Excel?

Free schedule templates are available for download from Microsoft's official website to begin creating schedules in Excel. Ensure the template is compatible with the computer's current version of Windows before performing the download.

Microsoft offers a variety of schedule templates for different needs, such as school schedules for college students, work schedules for employers and daily schedules for other Excel users. Schedules include a basic table with days of the week and hours, with some including other features, such as a color-coded priority rating for college students. To create a schedule, open the template in Excel, and begin inputting relevant information in the fields provided. For work schedules, employers and managers can input scheduled hours for each employee, as well as use time cards and work codes to track days off, sick time and vacation days. Click "Save" after making changes to a schedule to ensure the information is not lost when the program is closed.

In addition to schedule templates, Microsoft also offers employee time sheets, calendars, chore charts, assignment sheets, family planners and other useful tools for Microsoft Office users to print out. These sheets can also be scanned and copied for widespread use within a small business or organization. Employee schedules can be printed off for each employee or posted in a break room for easy access.