How Do You Create Sales Call Sheets?


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To create a sales call sheet, build a document or spreadsheet with sections for the number called, what was discussed, the outcome of the call, and any notes or extra information. Next to the name or number of the call, insert boxes to check whether the call was answered, not answered or sent to voicemail.

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The first section of the call sheet should list the number called and any information about the client that the company requires. A common piece of information to include in this section is whether the person or company is an existing client, a potential client or a returning client. Also include the person's full name, job title, company and email.

The next section contains the purpose of the call, such as completing a sale or following up after a sale. The following section details whether the call was successful. It includes details such as whether a sale was made, if contact with a new client was initiated, and if you received feedback from an existing client about a previous purchase.

The section after this includes any extra information that is relevant to the call. This includes whether you spoke to someone else during the call, the attitude of the client, and notes about how to deal with the client in the future. For example, if you completed the sale but spoke to a third party throughout the call, write down that person's contact information to better facilitate future calls.

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