How Do I Create a Rediffmail ID?

Create a Rediffmail ID by giving the Indian website personal information including a password, an alternate email address and a cellphone number. You must also agree to the website's Term and Conditions and note the Privacy Policy, as of Oct. 2014.

  1. Fill out pertinent information

    Input your first and last name in the "name" blank on the register page. Choose a Rediffmail ID, which becomes the first part of your email address that ends in "" Enter your password and retype the same password. Give the company an alternate email address and mobile number in case there are problems. Input your date of birth, gender and country of residence. To proceed past the registration page, type the stylized text at the bottom.

  2. Verify the code

    After you give Rediffmail your cellphone number, the website sends a text message with a verification code. Type the verification code in the appropriate blank on the registration page. After you type the verification code and completely fill in pertinent information, click Create My Account at the bottom of the Web page.

  3. Follow the terms and conditions

    Use Rediffmail for normal electronic communications. If you break the terms and conditions, the website may terminate your email account. You must be 13 years old or older to have a Rediffmail email address.