How Do You Create Project Plan Templates?


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A project plan template defines the scope and objectives of the project; identifies risks, resources and requirements; and breaks down projects into tasks. Project planners should also make sure to have a category in which stakeholders are identified and that the template is suitable to the scale of the plan.

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Defining the proper scope of the project allows the project plan template to set schedules and goals to meet criteria. A project's scope can be made more specific by asking the proper follow-up questions of the clients. Such specifics also help to set precise objectives in the deliverable category in the template. For example, if the scope of the project is to cut costs company-wide, objectives can be set in each of the major departments to suit the scope. Within a department, objectives can be made even more specific focusing on teams or individuals.

Project plant templates also need to have categories in which resources to meet objectives are delineated, and in which the risks of the strategies undertaken are analyzed to possibly amend certain of the strategies or objectives themselves. Like the objectives, the strategies for execution can then be broken up into individual departments or sections within each department. At all times, the major stakeholders in each strategy should be considered in regard to all the factors.

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