How Do You Create a Photo Gallery Website?

Create a photo gallery website with special tools and design packages on certain types of website platforms or by creating HTML code to process the images. Some websites also offer options to upload images and create a gallery or create custom code from a series of images.

One of the most common ways to create a photo gallery website is to use a content management system as the website framework, which allows for the use of premade widgets known as plug-ins that automatically create different photo effects. For example, the Wordpress content management system supports numerous gallery plug-ins that display images in a slide show or grid format with separate functionality for viewing individual images and details about the subject or photographer. Wordpress also offers preset website designs, known as themes, which accommodate plug-ins or special posting and display formats.

If you don't want to use Wordpress, it is also possible to create custom HTML code to display pictures in a variety of manners, including thumbnails and previews. Sites such as allow you to upload your photos to the site and choose from gallery templates and generate the code to place on the website. Similarly, many photo storing and sharing sites such as offer embedding code for their galleries.