How Do You Create Photo Albums on an IPad?

How Do You Create Photo Albums on an IPad?

For iOS users of software prior to iOS 8, creating photo albums on an iPad is accomplished by selecting the desired photos, adding the photos to an album that appears on the iOS pop-up menu and naming the album. Once the photos are selected and the album has been created, they will automatically be moved to the new named folder on the iPad.

For users of iOS 8, photos are automatically stored in the iCloud Photo Library and a "Photos" app is automatically included on the software. Creating a new album, however, requires the same relative sequence of steps. The camera roll is now available within the Photos app, and these photos can be viewed across different devices, such as an iPod or iTunes.

To select photos on the iPad, the user must first go to the camera roll and choose the "Select" button. From there, desired photos can be selected by touching each photo. After the photos have been selected, a button should appear that says "Add To." When this button is pressed, "Album" will be a clear choice on the pop-up menu.

"Album" should be selected from the pop-up menu, and the new album will either appear in the source list or in a new viewing window. Once this has been completed, the album can be named.

If a user would like to create an album from photos that are not in the camera roll, they can be chosen from the source list. Photos in the source list can be imported from an event, another photo album or a CD or DVD. Once the photos have been chosen from the source list, the aforementioned steps can be repeated to create the album.