How Do You Create a Personal Reference Page?


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To create a reference page, include your contact information and the contact information for three to six references you know on a professional or personal level. Personal references can include business associates, former teachers, members of community organizations for which you have volunteered, or ecclesiastical leaders.

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Include your contact information at the top of the page in a format that duplicates the header on your resume. Organize your references so that your strongest contacts are first. Include the name, company name, title or position, and contact information for each reference. Verify that this information is accurate before submitting to potential employers. Beneath each entry, consider including a brief sentence summarizing your relationship to each reference.

Always obtain permission before citing someone as a reference. Whenever possible, give a copy of your resume to those you include as references, and let them know what type of position you are seeking. This familiarizes your references with your experience and goals so that they can provide a more complete and relevant recommendation to potential employers.

Do not choose direct family members as personal references. Choose people who know you well, preferably within the context of an organization or an academic or religious institution. Prospective employers rely on personal references to evaluate candidates with little job experience, so choose references who can give a positive and informed recommendation.

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