How do you create a PDF file?


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To create a PDF file, open Microsoft Office, Click Save As, select the PDF or XPS option, name the file, choose what you want the file to be optimized for, then click Publish. To perform this task, you must have Adobe Reader installed in your computer.

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  1. Open Microsoft Office

    Open Microsoft Office, then click the Microsoft logo at the top-left-hand side of the document to open a new shortcut menu. On the shortcut menu, click Save As, then click the PDF or XPS option.

  2. Provide a new name for the file

    On the new window, type the name of the file in the space next to File name, then select PDF under Save as type. Under the Optimize for option, choose Standard (publishing online and printing) if you want a higher print quality, or Minimum size (publishing online) for a lower file size.

  3. Click Publish to create the PDF file

    On the new window, click Options to set your desired printing dimensions, then click OK to save and exit. Tick the check box next to Open file after publishing if you want to view the new PDF file after it has been created, then click Publish to convert the file into PDF form.

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