How Do You Create Your Own Superhero on

To create a superhero on, load the "Create Your Own Superhero" game after finding it via the search function, and specify various parameters when the game starts, including body type, hero packs and accessories. When ready, download, print, or save your creation by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Navigate to, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the home page, select the Games option from the drop-down menu, type “create superhero” in the search field, and click on the Create Your Own Superhero link in the list of results. If the game doesn’t load automatically, download the Adobe Flash Player from, or use a Web browser that features built-in Flash support, such as Google Chrome.

As of 2015, the game features three main body types, including one female and two male types. After choosing one of them, type the desired name of your superhero in the Prototype Data section, and select one of the hero packs. Click on the desired costume bits, including masks, helmets, gauntlets or emblems, to add them to the superhero model, select a color, and fill individual parts of the costume with it. Repeat the process for parameters such as skin type, head, upper and lower body parts, and click Save to save the superhero to your account, or click Download to download the superhero as an image file.