How Do You Create Your Own Gift Certificate Template?

Create your own gift certificate template in a program such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop by using the text and drawing tools to make an outline, then adding images as necessary. Alternately, download and customize a template from sites such as, or, as of 2015.

To create a gift certificate template in Microsoft Word, first decide on the overall size of each certificate and the number that you want to put on a standard sheet of paper. Set the page orientation to landscape or portrait, depending on the size, then use the cell tools to make an outline for each certificate. Drag in any image you have, such as a company logo, and use the typing tools to include the company name, a space to write in the certificate amount and the expiration date.

Adobe Photoshop uses a similar method, though it offers free form drawing tools rather than a cell creation option. You also need to determine the size of each certificate and use the Text tool to type in relevant details. Sites such as allow you to enter in details such as names, expiration dates and terms through the site before printing out the template. offers image templates that you can import into a program such as Adobe Photoshop and customize with its drawing tools.