How Do You Create Your Own Funny Clipart?


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Funny clipart is created by using an image editing application along with knowledge found in online tutorials and other resources. Free and paid editors include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP and InkScape. Image editing tutorials teach users how to use and implement the various features available in each editor. The gained experience, along with some imagination and artistic ability, is used to create the desired clipart.

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One consideration when choosing an editor is whether to use a raster-based or vector-based graphics editor. Raster-based applications save images as bitmaps, which are two-dimensional grids containing square dots called pixels. Consequently, the quality of these images decline when they are resized because the image must create or delete pixels in order to adjust its size. Raster images are the most commonly used image type and are distinguished by file extensions such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.

Vector images contain information describing geometric shapes, such as circles, squares and lines, rather than grids of pixels. These files are useful because they maintain their quality regardless of the image size. A vector image the size of a book page is the same quality when scaled to fit a billboard. These images frequently use the SVG file extension.

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