How Do You Create Your Own Cell Phone Skins?


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To create your own cell phone skin, determine the cell phone size to determine the pixel size of the image on the customized skin. Edit a suitable image in a photo program, and print it on a printable, blank skin. Remove the skin's backing, and apply it on your phone.

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To determine the cell phone size, measure its length and breadth using a ruler. Alternatively, search for the dimensions of the cell phone model in inches on the Internet. Then, multiply the length and breadth of the phone by 200 to know the pixel size of the image to be printed on the cell phone skin.

Now, select a suitable design or picture for the customized skin. Ensure that the image is 500 kilobytes or more in size. Large-sized images improve the resolution of the printed picture or design. Edit the image suitably using a program such as Adobe Photoshop for errors and red-eyes and for centering the image. Importantly, edit the image so that it uses RGB colors and has a dot per inch setting of 150 or more.

Next, insert a blank, printable cell phone skin of a size that fits your cell phone model into a printer that can print colors. Print the picture or design on the skin. Finally, peel off the backing from the skin, center the printed skin on the cell phone and apply it.

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