How Do You Create Your Own Blank Printable Calendars?


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Create your own custom blank printable calendar in Microsoft Word by using a template or the Table and Drawing tools to make the day and week lines. Similarly, make one in Adobe Photoshop by placing lines and shapes in calendar form. Alternatively, print a blank calendar directly from Microsoft Outlook.

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To create a blank calendar in Microsoft Word, first check for a calendar template by opening the program and choosing the New from Template option, then browsing through the categories to look for a suitable option. Sites such as WinCalendar.com also offer free templates to download and use with the program. If no template is available, click on the Insert menu, and choose the Table option. Make a table with seven columns, one for each day of the week, and six rows. Enter the names of the days in the top row and the number of each day in the top of each cell, then expand the cells to fill the page.

To make a printable calendar in Adobe Photoshop, create a new document with a standard paper size, and use the square option in the Shape tool to create the outline of the calendar. Use the Line tool to make the day divisions and the Text tool to enter day and date information. In Microsoft Outlook, create a new folder, and then choose Calendar from the Folder Contains option. Print the calendar by opening the Print menu and choosing the destination printer.

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