How Do You Create Your Own Award Certificates?


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Create your own award certificates by using an online certificate creation site such as CertificateMagic.com, DLTK-Cards.com or CertificateCreator.com, as of 2016. Another option is to download an award certificate template and edit it in a word processing or graphic design program, customizing the fields and adding additional images manually.

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CertificateMagic.com allows you to choose from numerous different designs to use as a template, some of which resemble the appearance of a traditional award certificate, along with other styles that include images and abstract graphics. After choosing a template, the tool enables you to modify the text in specific areas to add the name of the person receiving the award, give the award a unique name or include any other pertinent details.

DLTK-Cards.com contains an award and certificate creation tool that features several different customizable sections, each of which includes sample options. It is also possible to enter custom text for award titles or recipient names as well as insert custom graphics and images into the document.

CertificateCreator.com offers a similar set of tools that include different layout and background options onto which you may add your own text or other customizations. The site also has an iOS app that features the same functionality, allowing you to create a wide range of certificates.

When creating your own award in a graphic design program, choose a template that matches your available paper sizes, and use the text tool to modify the wording on the form.

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