How Do You Create a One-Way ANOVA in Excel 2010?


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Creating a one-way ANOVA in Microsoft Excel is a simple process that can be completed within a few minutes if the appropriate data sets are available. All this task requires is access to the spreadsheet files with the data.

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  1. Open the file with your information

    Turn on your computer and open up Excel. From there, browse to your data spreadsheet and open it up. Make sure all of the information you need is contained on a single spreadsheet. There should only be one numeric value per cell.

  2. Select ANOVA from the data analysis menu

    Click on "Data" and then "Data Analysis" at the top of your screen. This creates a dialogue box that prompts you for further information. Choose the "Anova: Single Factor" option and then press "OK".

  3. Select the appropriate input and output cell ranges

    Look inside of the new dialogue box that appears for the small button next to the input range section. Click on this arrow, and then click and drag across the information that you want included in the ANOVA analysis. Choose which cells you would like to post the results to, and type their values into the output section. Press "OK" when you are finished.

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