How Do You Create a New Screen Saver?


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To create a screen saver using Windows XP, place all the pictures you want to see as screen savers into a separate folder, such as My Pictures, go to the desktop, and click the right-click on it. Click Screen Saver, choose My Pictures Slideshow and then Settings. Choose the settings you want to use for the screen saver, and save them.

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The Windows Photo Gallery feature on Windows Vista helps create screen savers. Open the program, choose File, click Screen Saver, and select Settings. Click Screen Saver list, and select Photos. Several methods let users customize screen savers further; for example, to have the pictures displayed in random order, click the box next to Shuffle. To use only pictures with a particular tag in the screen saver slide show, enter the tag in the With this Tag box.

To create a screen saver using PowerPoint 2007, open the presentation you want to use, click the Office Button, choose Save As, and select Other Formats. Once the Save As window opens, create an empty folder to put the pictures in. Type in any name for the folder, and choose any image format in the Save As Type list. Choose whether you want to save all slides or just the current one in the next window, and set the screen saver in the properties window, as if you were using regular pictures.

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