How Do You Create a Meeting Planner Checklist?


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To create a meeting planner checklist, draft a list of major tasks or discussion topics that should be covered during the meeting. Break down each major task into smaller subtasks to help designate responsibilities. Include a timeline or schedule to clarify expectations and employee tasks during and after the meeting.

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On the meeting checklist, include an introduction to summarize the purpose of the meeting. Also provide any group ice breakers or networking opportunities. Clearly identify final goals for the meeting, such as important decisions that need to be made or task delegations related to a project or event.

Include a timeline or schedule for the actual meeting on the checklist as well. Allow time for a meet-and-greet session, an overview of the meeting agenda and a discussion of in-depth issues on the meeting agenda. It is important to stick to the timeline during the meeting to avoid extending the length of the meeting and neglecting discussion of important tasks. Depending on how long the meeting is scheduled, it may be necessary to include time for beverages, snacks or a light meal on the checklist and to coordinate food and drinks with a catering service or office personnel prior to the meeting.

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