How Do You Create a Listserv?

To create a Listserv, make a new distribution list in your email program, and add your contacts to the list. Send the email to every member by addressing it to the group.

  1. Make a distribution list

    To set up a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook, select File, and then New. Next, choose Distribution List, or type the command "Ctrl-Shift-L". Type the name of the list into the Name field.

  2. Add members

    Add members to the distribution list by using the Add New and Select Members buttons. Select the email addresses from your contacts. Save the distribution list, and close it. In Gmail, you simply make a group of contacts on the Contacts page by clicking on the Groups icon at the top of the screen, adding contacts and then naming the contact group. To access the Contacts page, click on the Gmail menu in the top-left corner of the screen, and choose Contacts in the drop-down menu.

  3. Address emails to the group

    To send an email to everyone in the distribution list, address the email to the name of the distribution list or contact group in the To field. Click on the name of the group. Then, type the subject and message, and click Send.