How Do You Create a List of Businesses and Companies in Excel?

How Do You Create a List of Businesses and Companies in Excel?

A list of businesses and companies can be created in Excel by entering the data into an Excel document called a workbook. Excel enables the average user to create different lists easily with minimal skill requirements.

Excel is a spreadsheet application that is part of a suite of productivity programs developed by Microsoft. This tool allows users to input, process and derive meaning from various types of data. Each Excel workbook contains worksheets known as spreadsheets, where users can manually enter their data.

Creating an index of businesses and companies using the Excel 2013 version is a quick and simple process.

  1. Create a new workbook
  2. Open the application through the start menu. Locate and click on "Blank workbook" on the Excel start screen to access the main interface.

  3. Input the data
  4. Select the first empty cell, which is referenced as "A1." Type the first entry of the list into the cell. Press the "Enter" or "Tab" key to move down to the next empty cell. Repeat the process of individually typing each entry into empty cells until all list items are loaded into the worksheet.

  5. Save the work
  6. Click the "Save" button, which appears as a disk icon on the quick access toolbar. Press the "ctrl" key and then the letter "S" for an alternative save option.