How Do You Create a Line Graph in Excel?


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To create a line graph in Microsoft Excel 2013, use the mouse to highlight the data you want to include in the graph, and select the desired type of line graph from the Insert tab. Be sure to highlight the headings of rows and columns of the data table.

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After highlighting the data, click on the Insert tab located in the ribbon, click on the Insert Line Chart button in the Charts section, hover over the available options to preview them, and click on the desired option to add it to the worksheet. To change the title of the line graph, click on the chart until a box appears around the Chart Title part, click on the chart again to activate the edit mode, delete the existing text, and type the desired title. To avoid accidentally activating the plot area, click on an empty corner of the line graph.

After creating the line graph, modify the parameters, including background color and text effects, by clicking on the graph, opening the Format tab and making the necessary changes. To modify the background color, select the Shape Fill option from the Format tab, and select the desired color from the Theme Colors section. To change the text color and effects, select the Text Fill and Text Effects option, respectively, and choose the desired options from the drop-down menu. To modify individual lines in the graph, click on them, and use the Format Selection option.

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