How Do You Create a Large Print Word Find?


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Create a large print word find using a specialized word find generator with custom size options. A to Z Teacher Stuff has a free word search maker that allows users to adjust the font size of their crossword to make the crossword either bigger or smaller.

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When making a large print word find, be wary of making the word find too large. If your crossword is too big, you may have difficulties printing out the word find. Your printer may print the word find onto two, three or more sheets of paper, making the word find hard to use or inconvenient if printing out multiple copies of the word find if you are planning on giving it out to a group of people. In these instances, you may consider manually connecting the word find pages together with tools such as scissors or tape, or re-printing the crosswords with fewer rows or columns.

Additionally, some printers have settings that automatically readjust the size of documents being printed. If you print out your large print word find only to find it has shrunk, this may be the culprit. Methods to adjust this setting vary from printer to printer. If you are unable to change the setting on your own, call a friend or family member with technological expertise, or a local IT professional.

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