How Do You Create a JibJab Elf?

To create a JibJab elf, go to the JibJab website and click on "Christmas" under the "All" menu at the top of the main page. Select the desired elf ecard, and then upload a picture or use one from a social media website to customize the elves.

The elf ecards are in a video format and most feature a song and dance routine performed by the elves. The website inserts faces from user uploaded photos where the elves' faces are. Any picture can be used, including the faces of friends and family. Once the photo is uploaded, the user must align the eyes of the photo and mark the mouth area within the website's elf face template so the face will appear correctly in the ecard. The result is a funny ecard featuring the faces of whoever the creator uploaded.

The number of faces uploaded per card varies. Some cards allow the user to add only one face, while others have room for up to five elves dancing simultaneously.

JibJab's elf ecards are some of their most popular, especially around the holidays. There are various types of elf ecards, including "Elf Christmas Tree," "Elf Snowball Fight" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."