How Do You Create an ISO From DVD With Windows 7?

How Do You Create an ISO From DVD With Windows 7?

You must use a third-party program to create an ISO from a DVD in Windows 7. Though Microsoft does not offer this feature by default in the operating system, you can install a free ISO program from the Web. A variety of these programs exist online; however, this step-by-step guide uses Free ISO Creator as an example.

  1. Download and install Free ISO Creator

    Download Free ISO Creator from the website in the provided resource. Install it, and open the program.

  2. Browse for the source file

    Make sure you have your DVD in the disc tray. With Free ISO Creator open, click Browse to select a source folder. Navigate to the DVD on the drive.

  3. Write the file name

    Type the name of the file in the Volume Name input field. Use the name of the source file to stay consistent.

  4. Save the ISO to a folder

    Click the Save As button to select an output folder for the ISO file. Choose your video folder or the desktop for easy access.

  5. Create the ISO

    Click Create at the bottom of the program. Allow some time to pass for Free ISO Creator to generate the new ISO and save it in the path you provided. Close the program after completion.