How Do You Create a Good Digital Portfolio?


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Create an effective digital portfolio by choosing the correct format, either through a self-hosted site or a free online portfolio tool, and fill it with the work that best represents your skills and accomplishments, advises Washington and Lee University. Include clear images of items, along with links to the original source when available, along with your name, picture and contact information.

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Using a custom website design for a digital portfolio requires more work, but provides a greater level of customization and full control and ownership of your data. When making your own website, register a domain name that is as close to your full name as possible or cobines your name and a descriptor that summarizes your field, such as the word "Design" for a graphic design portfolio. Self-hosting also requires coding the site from scratch or using a content management system, such as Wordpress.

In terms of content, create clear categories to distinguish different types of work, such as print designs from Web designs or news articles from opinion pieces. Each entry into the portfolio should include as much of the original work as possible, along with a description of the project and its date of creation. Offer as much recent work as possible, only going back to highlight major accomplishments. The digital portfolio should also include a description of yourself, your skills and your email address.

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