How Do You Create a Gameface Avatar on EASports.com?


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Create a Gameface avatar on EASports.com by signing into or creating an EA Account, then uploading a clear picture of your face. The site then uses facial recognition software to create an avatar with your likeness, then gives you the ability to customize its clothing and use it in games.

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The Gameface avatar program on EASports.com requires you to have an active EA Account in order to save records of your avatar and enable to you upload them into a game that supports the feature. After signing in, the process begins by asking you to upload a picture of your face. Use a photo that has a high resolution and clear lighting so that the program is able to accurately read the definition of your facial features. It is helpful to use a picture where you are facing the camera head on to avoid distortion in the avatar.

After you upload the picture, the system scans the image and uses the EA Sports character creation tools to apply your features to a game avatar. You are then able to choose from different hairstyles and clothing options to further customize the avatar. Once you finish the customization, you may save the avatar for later review or use in a game such as FIFA 2013 or Madden 2013 as part of your team.

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