How Do You Create a Folder on an IPad?

To create a folder on your iPad, choose two initial applications that you want to include in the folder. Enter edit mode, and drag one of the application icons on top of the other. Rename the folder, and add any additional applications.

  1. Choose two initial applications

    Since a folder must contain at least two applications, choose two applications that make sense to be combined.

  2. Enter edit mode

    Return to the Home screen of the iPad by clicking on the Home button. Swipe to the left if the application you chose in step 1 is on a different screen. Tap and hold down on the application icon until all of the icons begin to wiggle.

  3. Create the folder

    Tap and drag one application directly on top of the second application you selected. A folder is automatically created containing the two initial applications.

  4. Rename the folder

    Tap the X in the right corner of the folder title to remove the default name. Type in a descriptive name for the folder.

  5. Add additional applications to the folder

    If you want more than two applications in the folder, add more applications by tapping and dragging them from the Home screen into the folder.

  6. Exit edit mode

    Click on the Home button to exit the edit mode. The applications stop wiggling.