How Do You Create a Favicon?


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To create a favicon that represents your site in a browser's address bar and bookmarks list, first sketch out designs. Use an image editing software to create a graphic that looks good at sizes between 64 pixels square and 16 pixels square, then package into an ICO file.

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  1. Sketch out icon concepts

    Your favicon should represent the content and tone of your website. Sketch a variety of concepts, and get feedback before settling on a final design. The final version should be quite small, so do not include text or high-detail artwork.

  2. Create a digital version of the icon

    Using image-editing software, create a new document at 64x64 pixels with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. Use the pencil tool to sketch your chosen icon. Do not attempt to scale down an existing file, as it can create artifacting.

  3. Generate the other icon sizes

    Once you are satisfied with the 64x64 version of the icon, repeat the process to create versions at 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16. These sizes cover all major browsers and mobile devices. Save each one separately as a 24-bit PNG file.

  4. Package the favicon

    The individual PNG files need to be combined into an ICO file to work in browsers. Use a free web-based tool to do this. Once the icon is packaged, upload the file to the root directory of your website with the filename favicon.ico to make it appear in browsers.

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