How Do You Create a Farm Online With Farmville?


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Creating a farm in Farmville requires planning ahead of time, adding neighbors and caring for your animals. Because of its social nature, you advance more quickly when you add more friends.

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The first step to being successful at Farmville is organizing what parts of your farm will contain plots for vegetables, and where animals will go. Because a typical day in the game asks you to do a number of the same tasks one after the other, you want to have them lined up so that you can complete them in a single pass.

Once you have a well-organized farm, add neighbors by inviting your friends to play Farmville. Once they join, you can visit their farms. You can leave gifts on other farms, and your friends can leave gifts for you in return. If there is a food or animal you don't have, this system helps you trade for what you need. Animals are especially valuable because they leave you food and materials over time. These can be used to trade with friends or sold for coins. Coins are valuable because you use them in the Farmville store to buy more land, vehicles for your farm or gifts for your friends.

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