How Do You Create an Expense Report Spreadsheet?


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Create an expense report spreadsheet by opening a blank sheet and entering in the appropriate dates into the first row of cells and the types of expenses in the first column of cells. Match the rows and columns to fill in the expense values or create formulas to calculate data.

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An expense report spreadsheet allows you to track a person or company's different expenses over a specific period of time.

A basic expense report sheet includes columns for tracking each date interval and rows for viewing the different expenses, such as dining, transportation or office equipment. It is possible to directly enter in the values for each expense in a given period by clicking on the cell and typing the numbers. If you don't have the total expenses for that period, use the SUM formula to add all the values from the period directly in the cell. This formula displays only the final total and not all the entries in the formula.

Programs such as Microsoft Excel often include templates that include special formatting to enhance readability, such as bold headings and colored cells. Though some free online spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets, don't offer templates when creating a new document, many sites do offer templates for free.

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