How Do You Create an Email Signature Stamp?

Each email client has a different process for making an email signature. In Microsoft Outlook, select Tools/Options from the menu, go to the Mail Format tab, and click on Signatures. Choose to make a new signature, or edit an existing signature. If an individual creates multiple signatures for different purposes, he can assign each one an appropriate name.

In Gmail, click on the gear picture in the top right corner of the screen, and select Settings. Go to the Signature section, and enter or edit the signature in the box. Use the buttons at the top of the box to format the text. Remember to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page when finished. Regardless of the email program an individual uses to create a email signature, he can check to see what the signature looks like to different recipients. However, complex formatting or HTML may not appear the same in every program.

According to Site Point, the most effective email signatures contain only the most essential information. To create an email signature, first determine what information is essential. In addition to the name and email address, other options include a job title, phone number and website URL. Only include Skype or other social media information, if all recipients are welcome to make contact in that manner.

Avoid any of the following, which can create confusion or redundancy: multiple email addresses and phone numbers, unusual fonts and personal quotations. In general, most email signatures do not include a physical mailing address.