How Do You Create an Email Address List?


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Creating an email list involves three major steps: opening the email application, opening the address book feature of the email application and clicking on the button or menu to create an email list. The last step allows the user to assign a name to the email list and to enter email addresses in the list.

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For the Microsoft email application Outlook, users create an email list by selecting Tools/Address Book from the main menu and selecting File/New Group from the Address Book menu. After the user assigns a group name, he can populate the email list by adding email addresses from the address book.

To create an email list in Gmail, users start by opening Gmail, choosing Contacts, Groups and Create New. Users can then name the group list and populate it by clicking on email addresses from the Contacts folder and assigning them to a group. For Yahoo Mail, a user first selects the contacts he wants to group from his Contact List and clicks on Assign Contacts. The user assigns a name to the group in the New List field and clicks Done.

Email lists let users send the same email to several people without having to type all their email addresses separately or running the risk of inadvertently forgetting someone on the list. However, many email providers limit the number of recipients in an email list to 25. To prepare email lists with more than 25 recipients, users may use group mailing services.

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