How Do You Create an Email?

To create an email, access a Web browser on your computer, or tap the icon for the email app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter your username and password if necessary. Enter the recipient's name, the subject and the body of the message. Review the document, and press Send.

  1. Access your email provider and begin your message

    Access the Internet or your email app, and click on New Message or Compose (depending on your provider) to begin writing your email. Enter the recipient's email address on the "To:" line, and enter the subject of your email in the appropriate field.

  2. Write the message

    Type your email just as you would type any letter. Add a signature block if you're composing a business email.

  3. Edit the message, and hit Send

    Look for red, squiggly lines beneath words in the message, remembering that these words do not appear in the email application's internal dictionary and may be spelled incorrectly. Correct any misspellings, and read through the entire message at least twice to make sure that the grammar and flow are correct. Click Send when you are finished composing the message and proofreading the document. The recipient should receive the email within minutes.