How Do I Create an Electronic Signature?


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Create an electronic signature by signing a piece of paper and scanning it onto the computer for later use in digital documents. For Mac and Windows users, creating a digital signature can be done using either a webcam or by uploading the signature to a website.

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On a Mac, making an electronic signature is easy using the "Preview" application. Open "Preview," then click "Tools." Scroll down to "Annotate," then select "Signature." From there, select "Create Signature from FaceTimeHD Camera." The FaceTimeHD camera turns on and prompts the user to sign in black ink on a small piece of white paper. After signing the paper, hold it up to the Mac's camera so that the signature sits firmly above the blue line that appears on the screen. The signature will preview on the screen, and the user needs to select "Accept" to confirm the signature. Now, the signature is available to use on all PDF documents.

On a Windows computer, use an Adobe application to create a digital signature. In Adobe, go to the "Sign" pane, and select "I Need to Sign." Afterward, select "Place Signature." Then, it is imperative to select a method for creating the e-signature. These methods include drawing, inserting an image and using a certificate signature, which can then be added to any PDF document.

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