How Do You Create Editable PDF Forms?

How Do You Create Editable PDF Forms?

To create editable PDF forms, save a form to PDF format. Open Adobe Acrobat, click on the Tools menu and choose Prepare Form. Use the file browser to locate the PDF form, and click the Open button. Click the Start button. Adobe Acrobat automatically locates the form fields. Right-click each field and choose Properties to change the behavior of the field. Save the document, and click the Preview button to test the form.

If Acrobat does not detect one or more of the text fields on a form, click on the Text Field icon to activate the tool. Click and drag onto the form to create a new text field.

Resize two or more fields to be the same size by holding down the Ctrl or Cmd key and clicking on each field. Look for the Match Size panel, and click the buttons to match the height and width of all selected fields.

To add a button to the form, click on the Button icon. Click and drag the mouse on the form where the button should go. Add a name to the button, right-click it and choose Properties to specify an action.

Save the form. Click the Distribute button to send out the form.