How Do You Create a Digital Yearbook for a Class of 1984?


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Some companies, such as Blue Leaf Book Scanning, provide yearbook digitization services, although people with a scanner can also create their own. People who create their own digital yearbooks can decide how to distribute them, but they should check how the school or district handles copyrighted information.

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The first step to creating a digital yearbook from 1984 is acquiring a copy. While many high schools carry archived copies, it's easy to damage yearbooks while scanning them, so it might be better to use a private copy. In addition, the best way to fully scan a yearbook involves removing its binding, which effectively destroys it.

Another benefit of removing the binding on a yearbook to digitize it is that it allows people to better position pages, and some scanners can even automatically scan pages placed in a stack, which can reduce the time it takes to scan a large yearbook. If some pages don't contain color, using grayscale scans can result in smaller file sizes and more-accurate scans.

After scanning the pages, decide how to distribute the file. One option is to create a PDF file of the contents, although the resulting file is likely to be large unless users crop out individual photographs and convert the text from an image format to a text format, a time-intensive process.

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