How Do I Create a Church Membership Directory?

create-church-membership-directory Credit: Taken by Timothy Ball/Moment/Getty Images

To create a church directory, gather information and photos from each member of the congregation, and publish the information online or in a booklet. The booklet can be printed or made available to church members through the church's website. The process of making a printed directory may require several weeks to allow time for publishing.

  1. Gather the needed information

    Ask church members to fill out a prepared form with all the information they are willing to make available to other members of the church. Some information to gather includes each person's email address, phone numbers and birthday.

  2. Schedule photography sessions

    Inform the church members of the date and time of the photography sessions to ensure that all members arrive. Hire a photographer or recruit a member of the congregation with a high-quality digital camera to take photos of the congregation.

  3. Publish the directory

    Some photography companies also publish directories for a fee. Alternatively, the directory can be created at no cost using a program such as Microsoft Word. Import the member photos to the program, and then fill in the information for each member in a column next to the photo. The members' names and photos should be organized alphabetically to ensure that the directory is easy to use. Print the document, or share it online.