How Do You Create Charts From Table Data in Microsoft Word?


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Select the table with the appropriate data, by clicking inside the table and moving the mouse over Select and then clicking Table. After selecting the whole table, click Insert and select Picture from the options. Select Chart from this drop down menu.

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After the steps are completed, Microsoft word produces a chart using Microsoft Graph, and adds two new menus labeled Data and Chart to the toolbar that can be used to manipulate the produced graph. Word initially produces a column chart, the default setting, but this can be changed by double-clicking the chart and right-clicking it. Change the chart type by using the drop down menu. In the Chart Type dialog box, many different options can be used simply by clicking on them. Select the desired chart, click Ok, and Word automatically updates the chart on the document.

If data for the chart needs to be modified, Word automatically creates a datasheet that may be used. Categorical labels are contained in the border cells of the datasheet, and can be modified to update the chart as well. This datasheet can be modified to arrange data in different ways by double-clicking the chart and scrolling over Data in the drop down menu.

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