How Do You Create a Chart in Excel?

How Do You Create a Chart in Excel?

To create a chart in Excel, highlight the data for the chart, navigate to the Insert tab, click on Recommended Charts, and select a chart type. To modify a chart, click on the buttons next to the chart, and navigate to the Design and Format tabs.

  1. Highlight the chart data

    Open an Excel worksheet, and select the cells that contain the data for the chart.

  2. Open the chart options

    From the ribbon, click on the Insert tab, and then select Recommended Charts.

  3. Preview the charts

    Scroll through the list of recommended charts, which Excel selects based on an analysis of your data. Click on a chart to preview it. To view additional chart options, click on the All Charts tab.

  4. Create a chart

    Once you decide on a chart type, click on it, and press the OK button to create the chart.

  5. Add chart elements

    Next to the chart, click on one of the following buttons: Chart Elements, Chart Styles or Chart Filters. Using these buttons, you can edit the chart's labels or titles and update the data or the look of the chart.

  6. Update the design

    Click on the chart, and navigate to the Design or Format tabs. Use the options from these menus to change and adjust various features of the chart.