How Do You Create a Bootable CD Using Nero?

How Do You Create a Bootable CD Using Nero?

In order to create a boot-able CD using Nero, the software must be downloaded, CD format created and information copied onto the disk. The Nero program must also exist prior to the CD creation.

The Nero program is used on computers running Windows software. It can either be purchased separately or in program bundles. After retaining access to Nero, use the following instructions to create a boot-able CD.

  1. Download the program to the computer
  2. First download the file or program, which will be written on the disk, onto the computer.

  3. Run Nero
  4. Insert the CD and start the Nero burning process.

  5. Follow the data creation process
  6. Use the installation wizard to complete the data creation process.

  7. Burn the file to the menu
  8. Copy the program onto the file menu.

  9. Burn the file to the disk
  10. Exit out the installation wizard and burn the file to the disk.