How Do You Create a Blank Note Card Template?


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Create a blank note card template in Microsoft Word by using the cell formatting options to outline the desired number of cards and lines per page. To create a blank note card template in a graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop, use the drawing tools to create custom outlines.

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When creating a blank note card template in Microsoft Word, the user needs to start with a blank document and then decide on the number of cards she needs on each page. Even numbers work best to maximize the use of space for smaller standard size cards. Once the user picks a number, she needs to create a table on the page and set the number of cells equal to the number of cards she wants. She then clicks and drags the cells to expand the size to meet her needs, or add spaces to the cells using the Enter key. Once she places the cards on the page, she chooses whether or not she wants any lines on the card.

To create a template in Photoshop, the user needs to create a document with the correct dimensions for her paper size. She then uses the shape tool, without a fill option, to create an outside border for the cards. Then, she uses the line tool to segment that box into smaller boxes and make the card template.

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