How Do You Create a Bar Code on Excel?


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To create a bar code in Excel, first download the necessary software, such as TBarCode Office's Excel Barcode Add-In or the Microsoft Office Macros and VBA for Excel available from IDautomation.com. After installing the software, import it into Excel. Open the downloaded program in Excel and type in the correct code for the program that allows a bar code to appear in any cell.

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For example, if using TBarCode Office's Excel Barcode Add-In to create a single bar code, once Excel is open and the program imported, switch to the Add-In tab, and open the TBarcodePanel. Select any cell in the spreadsheet, and pick a type of bar code from the panel, such as Code 128. Type in the data for the bar code or choose Default Settings, resize the image, and click Insert Barcode. To create multiple bar codes, select multiple cells, mark the cells with the bar code data, pick a bar code type and click Insert Barcode.

If using the Microsoft Office Macros and VBA for Excel program, type in the desired information in cell A1, type "=Code128(A1)" into cell B2, and then press Enter. To create the bar code, select Cell B2, go to the font list and scroll down the list until the ID automation fonts list appears. Choose one of the fonts on this list, which allows the program to generate a bar code in B2.

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