How Do You Create Backlinks?


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To create backlinks, write original content that's reader friendly, as this encourages others to share and link to it. In addition, guest blogging and making friendly websites lead to backlinks. In some cases, it's possible to generate backlinks instantly, but encouraging others to share content takes longer.

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  1. Create a reader-friendly blog or website

    Websites that are easy to use are more likely to attract readers. Make the site aesthetically pleasing, and avoid making users scroll through slideshows to read content. Additionally, avoid using ads that take a long time to load.

  2. Write strong, original content

    Writing good content encourages others to share it via their social media accounts. Creating infographics, images and videos also encourages users to share content and link back to it. Write regularly to encourage more website visitors, which in turn increases the chances of generating backlinks.

  3. Write for other blogs and websites

    Write for other blogs and websites as a guest poster or regular contributor. Having a bio on each post that includes a blog link generates incoming links. An alternative to this is to accept guest posts on your blog, as the guest poster usually links to it.

  4. Interview industry experts

    Interview an industry expert to attract links from their blog, as well as others in the industry. Interviewing a well-known expert can increase search engine traffic and social media sharing.

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