How Do You Create Animation With Scratch?


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Animate sprites on Scratch by changing their costumes using either the Switch Costume to () or Next Costume blocks. Additionally, you can apply scripting blocks to sprites from the Control or Motion categories to create loops or move sprites about the stage.

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Before animating the sprite, create a series of images that illustrate a sequence of events performed by the sprite. In a fashion similar to a flip book animation, you must transition smoothly from one image to the next to create the illusion of movement when the images are quickly flipped. After creating the sequence, you can import one of the images into your Scratch project as a sprite. With the sprite selected in the Sprites Pane, go to the Costumes tab, and use the Import button to add the rest of the sequence as additional costumes of the sprite.

Finally, add either Switch Costume to () or Next Costume blocks to the Script Area to animate the sprite. You can find both the Switch Costume to () and Next Costume blocks under the Looks block category. The Switch Costume to () block lets you specify a specific costume to which the sprite must switch, whereas the Next Costume block simply switches sprite costumes in the order they are arranged in the Costumes tab.

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