How Do You Create Animated Text?


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To create animated text, access the text generator tool on websites such as TextAnim.com or FlashVortex.com, select an animated text template or your own parameters, and generate the text. After creating it, download the text to your computer as a GIF file. Both services are free, and they don’t require users to log in.

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On TextAnim.com, type the desired text in the first field, select a font from the drop-down menu, and use the slider below it to specify font size. Select whether to use a background, choose the background color, and select the direction in which the animated texture should move. Add shadows to the text if necessary, select the animation speed by dragging the slider, click on the desired texture, and click Generate. Once the website generates the text, click Download to acquire the GIF file.

On FlashVortex.com, click on the Texts button, select one of the template examples, or click on the link for the desired text generator. The available animation options depend on the selected text generator, but they typically include font color and size, text layout, animation properties and shadows. After specifying the parameters and typing the text, click Generate. Check the box below the Generate button to immediately open a pop-up window to download the animated text. Although the service is free, FlashVortex.com offers yearly subscription membership that provides access to additional options for all text generators.

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