How Do You Create an Address Book Template?

How Do You Create an Address Book Template?

Create an address book template by using Open Office Calc. The application is available for free at To download the application, click Download on the banner, indicate your operating system, and then click Download Full Installation.

Launch OpenOffice Calc, click File, hover the cursor over New, and click Spreadsheet. Right-click on a column, and then click Column Width to set the widths of column A to 1.19", B and C to 1.49", D and E to 0.99" and F to .59". Type First Name in A1, Last Name in B1, Street in C1, City in D1 and State in E1. Type Zip Code in F1, select the six columns, and click the Align Center Horizontally button on the toolbar. The button displays five horizontal lines, two of which are shorter and in the middle.

To indicate that the Zip Code column contains numerical data, right-click the F column, and choose Format Cells from the menu. Navigate to the Numbers tab, and choose Number from the list under Category. Click General under Format, and then increase the number of leading zeros to five.

To see how the template looks when printed, click on the Page Preview button on the taskbar. The button consists of a magnifying glass over a white page. Click the Page Preview button again to return to the spreadsheet. The slightly thicker lines show where Calc divides the pages.

You must instruct Calc to treat the spreadsheet as an address book template. To do so, click File, hover the cursor over Templates, and choose Address Book Source. Match the fields in the form with the ones in the first row, and click OK. Calc then returns the correct type of data when the user searches the address book.