How Do You Create an Account in Gmail?

Create a Gmail account from the Gmail account creation page. Though Google recommends the Chrome browser, you can use any Web browser to create and access a Gmail account, and the process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Open your Web browser

    Open the Web browser of your choice, and navigate to the Google homepage. Click on the Gmail link in the top-right corner of the Web page. Wait for the new page to load.

  2. Create a Gmail account

    On the new page, click the Create an Account link below the Sign In button. Enter your details in the appropriate text fields. Type in your username, a password and other additional information, such as your mobile phone number, gender and birth date. If you type in a username that someone has already taken, you can add numbers at the end of the name to create a unique identification.

  3. Agree to the terms

    After inputting your information, click the button required to agree to Google's terms and conditions. Afterward, Google introduces you to Gmail and its features. Get acquainted with the Gmail user interface, and customize your inbox with different themes using the customization options. You can then use Gmail to send emails or to chat with Gmail friends using the built-in chat box.