How Do You Create Accents in Text on a Mac?

How Do You Create Accents in Text on a Mac?

The simplest method for creating an accent over text on a Mac involves pressing down the letter key on the keyboard. Simply wait for a small menu with accent choices to appear. This method works for any text editor or word processor on a Mac.

  1. Open your document

    Open the document in which you want to insert the accents.

  2. Determine the letter with the accent you want to use

    Press and hold a letter on the keyboard that has accents available for it, such as the letter E. A menu appears. A menu does not appear if you press a letter that does not have any available accents. Instead, the character or letter repeats on the screen.

  3. Choose the accent

    Move the mouse over the accent to select it. Alternatively, pick the accent you want to use, and note that there is a number below each accent. Press the corresponding number on your keyboard to select the accent with that number. Make sure to let go of the shift key if the letter is capitalized to avoid entering a special character from the number keys. The menu remains on the screen even when you let go of the letter key. The selected accent is highlighted and enters the text automatically.