Does Craigslist Have a Site for Greenville, North Carolina?


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Craigslist's eastern North Carolina site, EastNC.Craigslist.org, includes Greenville, North Carolina. Greenville.Craigslist.org is the domain name used specifically for Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding area.

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Craigslist evolved into an international business with an emphasis on fostering local business and other local interactions. It typically serves regions, not single cities or towns.

As of 2014, Greenville, North Carolina was a city of about 89,000 people. Greenville claims the title "capital of East Carolina" because it is centrally located within a region of about 800,000 people concentrated over 45 miles. Other sizable cities in eastern North Carolina include Fayetteville and Wilmington, served by Craigslist sites of the same names, while Jacksonville is served by Onslow.Craigslist.org, named for its county, Onslow.

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