What Is the CPUID Hardware Monitor?


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CPUID's HWMonitor software is a free download that keeps track of personal computer systems, such as voltages, fan speed and the temperature of various internal devices. The purpose of the hardware monitor is to maintain parts at optimum levels to make a computer last longer and run more efficiently. CPUID has a customized system development kit for Microsoft Windows users.

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The HWMonitor tracks voltages of multiple systems, including the battery, central processing unit core and memory. Internal temperatures of the CPU and platform controller hub are monitored. The program checks CPU, power and system fans for revolutions per minute. This software warns users of any pending breakdowns and mechanical failures.

Basic charts show current values alongside maximum and minimum values over a certain time frame. For instance, a system fan may be running at 1,198 RPMs with a maximum value of 1,203 RPMs and a minimum of 1,196 RPMs over one 20-minute-interval. The program reports temperatures in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

The pro version of the hardware monitor software includes graphs, add-ons for smartphones and updated support software. Graphs show visual representations of PC performance over time within stated values. As new products and hardware come out, the CPUID program installs updates to keep track of newer CPUs and processors. The pro version lets users monitor another computer's hardware through a TCP/IP connection.

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