How Do You Find Cowl Patterns on Ravelry?

Find cowl patterns in the Ravelry knitting community by navigating to, logging in to your account and locating a patterns search box. Once logged in to, you see a search box on the right, as of August 2015.

There is a choice list to the right of the search box. Make sure that the Patterns option is selected, and then type the word "cowl" into the search box and click the Search button. Alternatively, you can click the Patterns menu item in the menu bar. You see a search box toward the top left of the Patterns page. Typing "cowl" into that search box and clicking the Search button searches for cowl patterns. Another possible method to search from the Patterns page is to click Pattern Browser & Advanced Search and type "cowl" into the search box that appears high on that page.

Once you have searched, the site shows a list of available cowl patterns. These patterns include free patterns from users ranging from skilled amateurs to professional independent pattern designers; this includes the "Forest Park" cowl by Liz Abinante. You can also find commercial patterns from magazines such as "Knit Now" and books such as "Underground Crafter." From the results list, you can narrow your search by several criteria, including the weight and amount of yarn that the pattern uses and the size of needles that the pattern requires.